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honeybee on clover

My bee hives produced excess honey for the first time in 2015. The bees did not produce any excess honey for the 2016 season.
My beekeeper has added several new hives and I am happy to be able offer honey again from the Fall of 2017!

As with everything else, the honey is being sold direct, from the farm. I DO NOT SHIP HONEY.

There are 5 packaging options for RAW HONEY (see photo above):

Glass Jar, 8 oz. (227 g) of Honey for $5.00 each.

Inverted Squeeze Bottle, 12 oz. (340 g) of Honey for $7.50 each. **BPA-free plastic**

Glass Jar, 16 oz. (454 g) of Honey for $10.00 each.

Glass Jar, 32 oz. (907 g) of Honey for $10.00 each.

Bring Your Own Favorite Honey Container and I will weigh it, fill it with honey, weigh it again, subtract the original weight and you pay only for the honey at $0.625/oz.

If you are interested in larger quantities of honey, I will need to know that so I can get additional packaging. Contact me to reserve honey for you.

What makes honey "raw"? Raw honey is very simply honey that has not been heated. It retains all the nutrition and healthful qualities of honey in the comb. Here at PlayHaven Farm LLC, we simply uncap the comb (using a knife designed for that purpose), use gravity and centrifugal force to extract the honey, pour it through a 600 micron filter (to get any bug bits out) and bottle it.

Why is local, raw honey so highly recommended? Locally-sourced, raw honey is recommended over honey from other locations because you can be pretty sure the pollens and nectars the bees collect are the same ones that your allergies are triggered by. It is well documented that ingesting this honey has a similar affect as allergy treatments where you get minute amounts of the allergens that cause you problems. Just remember that honey is SUGAR (sucrose) and you need to account for that as well.

What happens when honey is heated? So long as you don't heat it to a temperature of more than 95 degrees F (the generally accepted maximum hive temperature), honey retains it's essential composition and beneficial enzymes. Heating at higher temps (98.6 degrees F) causes degradation of the components that make is so healthy and at boiling (104 degrees F) the important enzyme invertase is destroyed.

Why does raw honey crystalize so quickly? Storage temperature has an influence on how quickly any honey crystallizes. I store our honey in a controlled area with an air temperature that stays below 70 degrees F... 70 degrees F is considered a good temp to minimize crystallization. BUT, crystalization is not a problem to be solved! It is actually a clue that the honey is raw. I personally like it when the honey crystalizes because it is easier to scoop out of the jar. If you want to reliquify crystalized honey, 1) simply heat water in a pan to BELOW boiling, 2) remove the hot pan of water from the burner, 3) submerge the honey you want liquified until it returns to that state.

RAW PROPOLIS - currently available at $8.00 per ounce. This is directly from the hive, use it as is or to make your own tincture. You are responsible for cleaning any bug and/or wood bits from it. Compare my price to prices on-line for processed propolis ($10 and up). Save yourself some money by doing the work.

As things "ramp up" in the beekeeping area, I will be adding other bee related products. For example, I am preparing to have beeswax available soon.


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