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Introductions, Please

Let me introduce myself... I am Bobbi Walker. I believe that each of us should find a way to do what we love in this life and if we can't do what we love, we can (at least) find a way to have fun doing what we do. Thus the name of the business: PlayHaven. I am the author of everything you'll find on this website (unless I tell you differently). I tend to write the way I talk and I enjoy incorporating humor (one of those playful aspects of me) into my writing. If you don't get some of my little jokes, not to worry, you are in good company.

The Sustainable Farmer

As the Owner of PlayHaven Farm LLC; I am what they call "a beginning farmer", which means I just started the business of farming in 2012 even though I've spent the last 20 years getting ready to do so by attending various Workshops and Classes offered in the Kansas City MO area by a variety of organizations among which being Extension and the Growing Growers Program. So if you have questions about Sustainable Farming that I can't answer, I know who to contact that CAN answer them!

The Sustainable Building Advocate

As the Project Manager of the PlayHaven Green Building Project AND the co-author of a green building tool: DYO® Kits: Green Building Decision Kit (offered by Hathmore Technologies, LLC); I have spent the last 30+ years dreaming of the day when I would be able to build an earth-friendly home. Since 30+ years ago, the very idea was pretty radical, I had to teach myself how to go about building that home. Over the years, I have met and learned from a tremendous group of individuals. So if you have questions about Sustainable Building that I can't answer, once again I know who to contact that CAN answer them!

The Artist

As the Artist; I have entered a new career. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up (have I grown up yet??), so I didn't go to college right out of high school. It was 15 years later that I decided I needed to be artistically creative and went to college to get a degree in Commercial Art. I worked as an in-house Graphic Designer for a business before I started up my own business (Intuitive Design). Unfortunately, I decided to close the business the end of 2012 due to economic issues. -- BUT! I knew I still needed that creative outlet and started taking classes in Fine Art. (I am ever the student!) Come to find out, I have a talent for portraiture in addition to other photo-realistic subjects and I work in graphite! I have quality prints of my better pieces available for purchase in limited editions (from the General Store). I am also available for commissioned projects.

Now that you know about me, I would love to get to know you! Whether you are interested in learning hands-on about Sustainable Farming or just want to spend a few hours communing with nature, visitors are welcome (by appointment only, please). Contact information is located here.

Get On the List for the Farm Products Order Form and Annual Newsletter

You will need to contact me so I can put you on the books to get the Order Form and Newsletter, etc. Do this by emailing me and include your name, phone number, and city in the email. Use this address: bobbi (put the "at" sign here) playhavengreen (and then the "dot" sign) com. (Don't you just hate that spammers have made providing an easy link for email nie unto impossible without one of those robotic, fill-in forms?)

Deposits are required with your Cowpooling order/share. I accept cash or checks (sorry, no credit cards this year). I know it can be intimidating to have to pay for a years worth of meat in two (2) payments (the deposit and the balance when your meat is picked up). Check out my idea for a "Meat Account".

The New Customer Packet is available in PDF here.

I am happy to be YOUR farmer so long as you are willing to come out to the farm to pick up your food (and to the processor's location for beef). I do not ship/deliver food or live animals.

Remember, farming is primarily SEASONAL. Everything has to "grow up", so while you are reading about or putting in an order now, you will have to wait until everything is ready to be harvested to actually take it home.

House Renovation, the Green Way = Greenovation!

The farm took all our money and energy in 2016. Join me in believing 2017 will provide abundant money and time to do more on the renovation, won't you?


Please check them out and consider them for your next project! Also, if you want to help out, your Monetary Donation is much appreciated!


June 1, 2017

Once again there has been a long time between updates. This time the reason is also not farm related and while I still encourage you to participate in telling your local and national government representatives how you want things run, that is not my reason for being busy.

Perhaps you will remember I mentioned that I also have aging parents that are requiring more of my time and energy and that the stress level in my house has been pretty high for the last several months? Well, it has gotten more and more time consuming because they live in another state and I'm the closest of their kids. I am happy to help them and do not begrudge a moment or the effort... they did the best they knew how and that was pretty darned great! Helping them now is my opportunity to return the favor... doing the best we know how and making their remaining time pretty darned great!

It just means that the hubby has had to take on more responsibilities at the farm and in house because I have been traveling quite a bit. By the way, have you checked out your local library on-line? Mine uses an app called "Overdrive" and it is super because I can download audiobooks to my phone and listen to them without needing an internet connection during my drives. I am ever so thankful for this.


Spring brings its own challenges in addition to beauty at the farm. Unfortunately, it means increased varmint activity and since we have catfood in the garage and the cats aren't responsible for chasing opossums and racoons off, we have seen more of them in the live trap than we would like to. Because it is bad form to move your problem and make it someone else's problem, the hubby dispatches the critters and offers the carcasses to the turkey vultures. Circle of life is not always pleasant.


The berry plants are looking very healthy this year.

Strawberries are ripe and plentiful!! Come out and get some before the end of the season (should still be going for a few more weeks).

Lots and lots of flowers and unripe berries on the blackberry bushes! Should start seeing ripe ones in a few weeks. The flavor of these berries makes the adventure of avoiding the thorns worth the effort (or so my hubby tells me, LOL).

The comfrey is spreading beautifully and so I have plants and roots that I am happy to sell! This is the native type and so it spreads by root and seed. I am excited to see it spreading throughout the farm, but you might want to curtail it somewhat (like you would horseradish plants, for example). $1.00 per root cutting or plant.

I saw blossoms on the pawpaw trees, but at this point I have not seen an budding fruit. Fingers and toes crossed. BUT, I have planted 25 additional seedlings for the future anyway!

The aroniaberry bushes look great and had a mass of blossoms all at once this spring. Barring any issues (knocking on wood) it should be a great harvest late this summer. I also planted a whole bunch of seedlings this spring gearing up for the next decade! By the way, I was excited to talk with a nice lady in Omaha who already knows about aroniaberries and was excited that I grow them. It was a surprise because I'm still in the teaching mode when it comes to aroniaberries, LOL.

The rhubarb is looking healthy and is harvestable. I'll be moving most of the strawberries to new beds once they stop producing which will leave more room for the rhubarb to spread!


The hubby has certainly been busy with bees this year! He has added several colonies (which required feeding during the early spring so they could concentrate on building comb and laying brood) so now there are LOTS of bees on our lovely clover, flowering trees and bushes and plants. The two (2) colonies that survived the winter even have filled the a super (each) so we WILL HAVE HONEY! I'm in the process of getting containers and have chosen inverted squeeze jars (so you will get even the very last drop of honey!) in the 12 oz. size. That means the price per jar will be $7.50. If you are interested in larger quantities of honey, I will need to know that so I can get additional packaging. Contact me to reserve honey for you. I'm not sure when harvest will be, so will have to let you know.


Farming is not the place where you expect to find or even desire to find excitement. Unfortunately, we had some excitement a couple weeks ago when we were getting the steers loaded for processing. I don't really enjoy reliving the experience, so please accept this very short version of the story: Once upon a time we had a routine for loading the steers into the stock trailer. The routine was not followed this year and -- lo and behold -- after 2 hours of herding cattle and re-herding cattle, we ended up with the steers NOT in the stock trailer and missed our appointment with Paradise Meats. Since there is high demand for processing appointments, the rescheduled date is August 25th. I have already apologized to the owners of the Cowpooling Shares in those steers since the meat will not be ready until September instead of June. Silver lining is that it gives all ya'll some time to purchase shares in the 2nd beef steer and so...


NOTICE! Because we missed the May processing appointment, I can still sell shares in the 2nd beef steer! The new processing date is August 25th. Get your Whole, Half or Quarter reserved by July 15th and take home your beef from Paradise Meats (in Trimble MO) in September. Contact me to reserve your cowpooling share. The information about getting a share is found here.

Well, Retail Beef is a hit! It's been great meeting new people as they come to the farm to buy some beef!

Whether you just want to buy some tasty, local, grass-fed AND finished beef or you want to see what it tastes like before you commit to a Cowpooling Share, I have cryo-vac sealed beef for sale! I have put a list of what is available and for what price on the Grass-fed and Finished Beef For Sale page. Contact me to place an order and schedule your appointment to pick it up at the farm.


It's been two (2) years now of hoping someone will want to raise chickens and eggs the way I did and no takers. So I've decided to stop hoping and just sell the rest of the equipment. I have discounted everything deeply and if it doesn't sell this summer, I will take it to auction this fall. Check the page to see what is still available.


I had planned to trade my two (2) heifer for calves bull calves this Spring, but that fell through and so I have two (2) heifer yearlings for sale. ***NOTICE: The heifers are SOLD.*** Information about selling my livestock is found here. And, yes, I have listed the rest of the herd for sale as well. I don't really need to sell the rest of the herd, but if someone is interested in purchasing them, I am interested in talking with that person.


I just finished my second piece of commissioned artwork. You can see them here.

Click Here for More Information

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